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    Digby the German Shepherd (Sunday, 06 March 2016 00:02)

    Hi Claire! (wag wag)
    Thank you so much for training my owners :) and for helping me get over my fear of uniforms! It took a while but your patience is changing my life! As a large dog I was scaring people away although I was the one who was scared!
    My people are now much more in control and with your guidance, over time they were able to keep me focused and calm.

    Claire this was life-changing information you delivered, and your passion is obvious. Thank you for not giving up and for tailoring your approach. I will gladly recommend your services if someone is looking for doggy rehab.
    Keep up the good work!!

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    Amy (Thursday, 19 November 2015 22:39)

    Gucci's mom here saying thanks! Your advice helped me so much.
    Gucci is a Pomeranian and I had always thought that because he is so small he needs to be protected more. Thank you for teaching me that most dogs are "wired" in a similar way and that I actually need to have him focus on me rather than me focus on him. It has been a little over a week and I am seeing a huge difference!!! Thank you Claire!!

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    Ben (Thursday, 06 August 2015 18:39)

    Guizmo came home about a year ago with some severe destructive issues.

    After having to change several pieces of furniture, and replace doors and baseboards, my wife and I realized how uneducated we were about dog behaviour.

    Our friends tried to give us advice, nothing worked. The Internet and any books we could get our hands on just didn't seem to be relevant or give any relief. What our attempts did do though, was damage our bond with Guizmo. None of it made any sense in a bigger picture.

    We called Claire after admitting we were unable to address what was happening. She taught us how to speak dog, how to read Guizmo's behaviour within the family, and ultimately when she left I felt I had the tools necessary to keep my dog under control, connect to him in a natural, primal way, and most importantly prevent or address any future and touchy situations.

    I have to say - having heard all sorts of advice and read all sorts of articles - Claire's approach is the closest to nature I have found, and she is the most no-nonsense, down to earth person you can call to help you.

    Thanks again for such a big impact on our quality of life - I'm no longer wondering what mess I will find when I come home, having to put things up at height or seeing my relationship revolving only around the dog's behaviour.

    Keep it up Claire!!!

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    Meghan and Jay (Sunday, 17 March 2013 13:45)

    Jay and I were so excited to bring Blue home from the Animal Shelter a month and a half ago. He is a Husky/Lab mix which usually means a lot of crazy, but he was so calm at the shelter, and yet excited on walks. It seemed like the perfect combo for us. However, after the two week honeymoon period, he started getting destructive when we left him home alone, and we noticed some aggressive behavior towards other dogs. When he busted through our bedroom door while we were out, we knew we needed some help.

    Claire helped us understand how dog packs work, and the kind of structure that makes dogs feel secure and safe. If you want a well-behaved dog, you have to train it to be calm and respectful at all times, not just while its indoors with you. Its only been two days, but Blue is already a much more respectful dog, even on walks. We're still working with crate training, but we hope to one day be able to leave him home alone and not have to worry about our house being destroyed when we get home. Thank you so much Claire, it really made a difference for us. Keep doing what you're doing, it works!

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    Iris and Kaija (Sunday, 10 March 2013 19:46)

    As I sit here writing this testimonial, I have a calm dog laying at my feet - something I didn't think would happen until she grew out of her 'puppy stage'. Kaija is my 18 month old maltese-shih tzu....the love of my life. I didn't take her out for walks for the longest time because she was an aggressive barker that would verbally attack anything in her path - cars, people, dogs, sounds....sometimes, nothing at all. I was both embarassed and stressed out at the same time, thus, we stayed inside and avoided these situations.

    Inside the house, she begged for food, barked at anything that moved, and terrorized her stuffies...she was nearly out of control...Claire helped me understand Kaija, how to handle her in a calm, understanding manner, and what she needs from me.

    Now when we go out, Kaija walks calmly beside me, doesn't bark at cars or people (we even had a fire truck/ambulance incident, and she didn't make a sound). She doesn't beg for food, and has reduced her agression towards everything.

    We are still in boot-camp mode, but the improvement in her is amazing already, and I'm proud to take her out for a walk and show off how cute she is.

    Thank you Claire - you are amazing!!!

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    Marci and Chris (Monday, 21 January 2013 20:54)

    We asked Claire to help with our dog Panco, a two year old rescue from Taiwan and new addition to our family. One of the biggest problems we had was his fear-based aggression toward strangers in our home. He was barking, growling and sometimes snapping at people who came in the house. Claire was very helpful and took the time to tailor her advice to our needs and Panco's personality. In contrast to other advice we had received it really felt as though she was approaching our problem individually instead of suggesting a blanket approach. She suggested and demonstrated commands we could use to help teach Panco to relax and remain calm when guests are in the house. She also helped us understand dog behavior and body language to a better degree so we can read and correct Panco appropriately in future. Hers has been the best and most helpful advice we have received so far. It has been just over a week now since she visited and we are practicing and slowly but surely seeing results. Claire has been excellent about keeping in touch and answering our questions. Thank you so much Claire! We hope with continued practice and consistency we will have a much more relaxed dog.

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    Julia and James (Sunday, 20 January 2013 22:54)

    James and I had tried a variety of training techniques, but we were missing a lot of the basics that we couldn't figure out on our own. Claire helped us so much and now we understand the underlying dog psychology that makes a dog happy, calm and obedient. Already our dog is calmer and we now know how to solve the problems that seemed so difficult and overwhelming before her visit. The help truly is priceless and we're very grateful. Thank you!

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    angelika (Thursday, 26 January 2012 17:13)

    I want to thank Claire for helping me with my silky terrier. I certainly did not stand up to Trixie (my puppy) as much as I should have and now with Claire's help I know how to be alpha dog and she is now walking much better for me. I highly recommnend Claire as a great dog trainer.

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    Paula (Tuesday, 24 January 2012 19:39)

    I have tried everything... to get Daisy to calm down as she had come down with an obsession for my shoes... Trainers have recommended many things... using the water bottle, teaching her some commands, getting her away from my closet many times a day... nothing worked and I ended up putting up a baby gate... only to find out later that she had redirected her obsession on my home's electric cords when I was away... because she couldn't get to my closet...

    Claire explained to me what Daisy was doing and why... Makes perfect sense because it is based on the way dogs see the world... Daisy is much more chilled at home and this has translated to many other bad behaviors she had... The calming exercises have worked well...

    Nice to work with a knowledgeable trainer for a change... Thanks so much Happy Woof!!!!!!!!!!

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    Iris (Saturday, 17 December 2011 10:04)

    I'd like to say thanks to Claire for helping us understand our coco! Now we speak dog! Yay! And it's truly made a big difference!! I highly recommend Claire! She has the passion and the commitment to really help people and their pets understand each other and in the process fulfill her ultimate goal which is to prevent another dog from being heart broken, abandoned and just another statistic in the shelters..

    We can't thank you enough Claire!!
    Keep the passion burning!

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    Nyree Roy (Wednesday, 13 April 2011 10:49)

    It truely was amazing how my dogs responded to Claire. Suddenly they seemed very well behaved and I knew then that it was my husband and I that were the culprit of their misbehaving . thanks Nyree

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    April (Tuesday, 01 February 2011)

    We are a busy family and it just helps a lot with our daily routine to have calmer dogs. Rocky and Sandy get their "exercizing walk" three days a week with Claire and I must say they are way more mellow than they used to be. They listen to us more, and they are more reliable in general. I am very happy with Claire's help, thanks so much!

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    Zeus (Tuesday, 30 November 2010 16:06)

    Hey this is Zeus writing to say thanks!

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    Russel (Monday, 14 June 2010 13:32)

    We were stunned by our dog's reaction to Claire's presence. Even at the very beginning of our consultation he did not greet her the way he "greets" everyone else by jumping around and barking at her!
    Claire is patient and a very knowledgeable trainer. I like that she uses play and rewards instead of punishments and has clear rules to follow with our dog. He is now a lot calmer and happier and I really recommend Claire's services to anyone who has an anxious dog.

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    Gael (Friday, 21 May 2010 16:08)

    Nice website

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    Chris (Tuesday, 04 May 2010 01:20)

    After two consultations with Claire, my Rottweiler Liberty no longer shows the aggression towards other dogs that he had before. Claire explained to me the basics of pack behavior, and as a result, Liberty is much more responsive to my commands and much easier to deal with. Thanks!

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