Fun Links

At Happy Woof Dog Training, we like to explore what Vancouver BC has to offer to our dogs. We look for ideas, businesses or products that can improve your relationship with your dog.  Claire personally knows the business owners below and respects what they do. As such these are ideas of things you can try with your dog.


1. Toblerusse, Pet Portraits in Vancouver, BC 

Ron is a Vancouver-based full-time painter with a passion for pets, and especially dogs! Ron is fulfilling his lifelong dream of painting pets professionally.

Down-to-earth, positive and friendly, Ron is the artist you want to hire for a lasting memory of your favorite pooch!!! To see more of his work, I recommend you browse his website at the following link:

2. Jacqueline, Aquapaws Hydrotherapy Inc. in Vancouver, BC


Jacqueline Gibson is a Level 2 Certified Canine Warm Water Therapist with several years experience working with dogs in water. She uses hydrotherapy to rehabilitate dogs with injuries, help owners bond with their pet and help dogs with behavior issues drain their energy. Her facility in Vancouver, BC is easily accessible for dogs with injuries, the pool water is treated to be good to your dog's skin, and most of the time you will be allowed to watch Jacqueline work with your dog, which is a lot of fun!


Jacqueline is extremely knowledgeable and after she helped me work with Scooby I am happy to provide a link to her website.


k9 Massage Practitioner Vancouver


3. Deanne Murgatroyd, SAMP - Canine Massage Therapy


Deanne is a Small Animal Massage Practitioner. In addition to her many years working in the veterinary field, Deanne received her certification in Animal Massage Therapy through the Northwest School of Animal Massage. Serving the Fraser Valley, and Greater Vancouver area. Deanne genuinely cares for dogs: $5.00 from every session fee goes to local animal shelters and charities!!!


4. Ira Nicolai, a photographer in Vancouver for your dog’s portraits!


I met Ira in January 2011 at a Happy Woof Dog Training puppy class. Ira is a professional photographer who took a few shots of our students... and they were amazing! Ira happens to love dogs and taking pictures of dogs, so check out her website and get in touch with her if you want beautiful pictures of your pooch!

Once on the website, make sure you click on “friends” and you will see a few samples of what she can do.

Dog Powered Scooter


5. The Dog Powered Scooter


The Dog Powered Scooter was invented by Mark Schuette. Mushing is made easy, safe and accessible in an urban environment. By using the dog powered scooter, trike or bike trike, you provide a lot of exercise to your dog while having fun - in a way that, from a dog behaviour expert's point of view, reinforces your position as a leader and can solve many behavioral issues!