Dog Services FAQ


Why don't you charge training by the hour?

Dogs don't care about our schedule. Dogs don't care that owners may have fit a training session between a doctor's appointment and a professional conference call. As a matter of fact, any time-related pressure or tension felt by the people in the room when I am working on a dog in distress will hinder my impact. So I cannot work by the hour, because I do not want anyone in the room worrying about time constraints, or about being on the clock.

The Ultimate Package takes a varying number of hours. It is highly customized to your dog's specific situation. If the dog needs more time to alter his behavior, going against learned behavior and pre-programmed neuronal paths, so be it, I will give the dog the time he needs.


Where do you work?

Private Consultations are held in your home so the problem behavior is more obvious. If the issue is regarding behaviors that occur outside the home, then a second consultation outside your home will be necessary after you have had the time to implement the guidelines given at the first dog training consultation. 


Why work at home if the problem only occurs on walks?

This is the most important thing to understand... Behavioral issues always come in a bundle. Claire's approach is a holistic approach. By making sure the dog is respectful at home and you are completely confident to keep your dog paying attention to you at home, you can then transfer these skills to an environment with distractions. 


Do you recommend or use choke collars for training dogs?

Absolutely not. These tools don't have a positive impact and tend to make the dogs more tense than they were at first. Claire's experience shows that luckily, the most gentle yet firm canine training methods are also the most efficient. Claire barely even touches the dogs she works with. Whether she works on leash training dogs, potty training, modifying canine behaviors, dog obedience, crate training, residential training or basically anything she uses food rewards, a clicker, a leash, play, lots of praise, a bit of patience, fair and firm guidance - and it works. 


What is your motivation?

At Happy Woof Dog Training we feel sorry for the many dogs that are left in shelters, waiting to be put down or re-homed. As a dog behavior specialist, Claire has the knowledge and expertise needed to prevent dogs with challenging behaviors from being surrendered to shelters in the first place! A dog that is aggressive, biting, barking or jumping at people or other dogs is more likely to be given up than a well behaved canine citizen. And it is NEVER too late to fix a dog's behavior - because dogs respond instantly to appropriate handling. Give your pet a chance, call me and keep your dog with you!!


Can you provide us with the items needed to reinforce proper behavior?

I always go to a consultation with a few tools that I use in my training. You are welcome to purchase any of these items from me once we have practiced together when and how to use them.