The Ultimate Rehab Package


This is the ultimate training service at Happy Woof Dog Training - my specialty and my forte. It targets dogs that are about to be surrendered to shelters or put down because their behaviour has become difficult, sometimes impossible to manage.


Claire teaches dog owners the crucial basics of dog psychology for a sustainable change in your dog's behavior:

  • "Speaking Dog"
  • "Pack Behavior"
  • "Fitting in Human Society"

This Ultimate Package meeting is held in your home and includes classroom style learning, Q&A, as well as the most important part of my service: resetting your dog and striving to make you feel you are able to keep the dog in that more appropriate state. There is no typical duration for this session. Some families need 6 hours to go through the process, some families 2 hours... One thing is for sure, I do not rush a dog in distress, and I make all the time needed to address everyone's questions. 


Please understand that I will reset your dog, but I am training YOU the owner. And there is some homework and adjustments to be made if you want lasting change.


I have been told the Ultimate Package is priceless for the difference it makes in my clients' quality of life! More info on the service here.

  • $280 Ultimate Package meeting. 
  • Add $50 per 30-min follow-up visits.
  • Add $50 per 15-min follow-up phone call should you have further questions.
  • I will bring equipment which you can purchase from me.
  • A reasonable travel fee applies depending on where your home is located.