Pre-Puppy / Pre-Dog

Puppy Consultation

These consultations in your Vancouver home are a great way of setting yourself up for success before you get your new dog or new puppy.


The motto here is to prevent problems and make the experience of getting a dog as easy and stress-free as possible for both you and your new family member. With this consultation we will ensure together that you make an informed decision when getting a new dog, including:

  • Looking at this decision like you would a 10 or 15-year commitment,
  • Where to acquire your puppy from - describing the traits of responsible breeders and shelters,
  • Where NOT to go purchase a puppy,
  • Finding the puppy or adult dog that is the best match for your family (age, gender, breed, energy level, attitude)
  • What to prepare in your home and how to setup a safe environment for your new arrival,
  • What you will need to teach and how to teach it,
  • Equipment needed for your new family member.

We ask that all family members attend this consultation.


  • $200: 2 hrs initial consultation,
  • + $50 per trip together to a breeder or shelter in order to pick the right match for your family,
  • A reasonable travel fee applies depending on where your home is located as well as where we would be traveling to together.