New Dog

New Dog Consultation


If your dog is a rescue, you may be afraid of the reason your dog was given up to a shelter in the first place. If your dog has been living in horrible conditions before you rescued them, you may be asking yourself how to help them recover psychologically, you may wonder if your dog will adjust and what to prepare yourself for. If you simply never had a dog before and are for whatever reason now living with an adult dog, this will be just the help you need as we will focus on helping new owners of adult dogs.


Rehabilitating Rescue Dogs

Dogs that have been adopted from shelters can greatly benefit from this consultation. When you are ready to take your rescued dog home from the shelter, you are often offered a consultation with a canine behavior specialist before you leave with your new buddy. The New Dog Consultation at Happy Woof Dog Training is the logical next step to take. Indeed this consultation held in your home in Vancouver will give you the keys to

* teaching your new pet how to behave properly in his new environment,

* setting the clear rules he needs inside the house to feel secure,

* keeping the dog calm and settled,

* bonding with your new dog in a natural, holistic and quick way.


New owners will find these consultations very helpful as they will reassure them and show them how to bring out the best in their new dog. 

Understanding my new Dog

Claire will meet you and your dog, hear your questions and concerns, address them in a precise and professional manner - and set you on the track for success. In this consultation, your dog behavior specialist will explain to you the basics of dog psychology and pack instinct, so you know how to interact well with your new dog and understand what he does, why he does it and how to respond to it appropriately.


Take the time to write down all your questions before Claire arrives. Indeed this is the only consultation where we suggest no particular stucture and adapt 100% to your concerns and worries as a new dog owner. For example, a consultation with a traumatized dog that was rescued from a puppy mill will go very differently from a consultation to help you bond with a happy-go-lucky dog your cousin asked you to look after.




  • $200 for 2 hrs initial consultation,
  • + $50 for up to 30 minutes questions over the phone,
  • + $50 per 30 min follow-up visit,
  • A reasonable travel fee applies depending on where your home is located.