Clicker and Tricks

Dog Training


Clicker and Tricks Consultations in Vancouver are designed to teach you how to teach your dog the commands you want him to know. You certainly have a picture in mind of an obedient “dream dog” that you would love your dog to turn into... My goal is to teach you how to best achieve this!


Clicker and Tricks Consultations are most efficient with a dog that has no behavioral issues. Claire's focus is on giving you the tools to improve your dog's obedience yourself. This may cover topics like:

  • Teaching basic tricks (including sit, drop, stay, walking on lead, recall, etc.),
  • Improving your dog's obedience and reliability,
  • Preparing your dog for Canine Good Citizen (CGC) or Canine Good Neighbor (CGN) tests,
  • More elaborate tricks such as the ones you see in ads! 

I recommend the use of clicker training for elaborate tricks as they are a fun, stimulating and enjoyable way of learning, for both dog and owner. I can teach you the basics and principles of clicker training that you can build on in the future so you can move on to more complex commands with time. For example, here is a video that gives you an idea of what a clicker trainer can achieve, and it is pretty amazing!


I do not own this video, it comes from Youtube.


I recommend this service be booked in 15-minute intervals so the dog doesn't get bored or frustrated.

  • $30 per 15-minute interval.
  • I bring equipment with me which you can purchase.
  • This service does not have to be held in your home. We will agree on a location that is somewhat close to downtown. If you prefer the training be held in your home, a reasonable travel fee applies depending on where your home is located.