Behavior Problems

Dog Aggression Training

Happy Woof Dog Training offers private Behavior Problems Consultations for dogs with issues that group classes will typically not address. Understanding and modifying behavior problems as a team with an experienced dog trainer will result in improving your relationship with your dog. In everything I  do when interacting with you and your dog, I strive to improve your dog's training and reliability as well as give you the tools to achieve similar results yourself.

Fearful Dog Training

Dogs do not experience the world the same way we do, nor do dogs communicate the same way humans do. Using a language that makes it easy for you to put yourself in your dog's shoes and for your dog to finally understand what you are saying, Behavior Problems Consultations give you the tools to make those changes yourself and get and keep the dog you have always wanted. You will often see results immediately and more importantly, you will be given the tools you need to more feel comfortable dealing with the issue once the consultation is over.


Any issue may be looked into in a Behavior Problems Consultation. More common problems include:

Destructive Dog
  • Aggression,
  • Barking/whining,
  • Destructiveness,
  • Escape artists,
  • Fear of an object in particular,
  • Fearful behavior in general,
  • Food guarding,
  • Housebreaking,
  • Hyperactivity,
  • Obsessions,
  • Over-Protectiveness of person or house,
  • Separation anxiety,
  • "Strong personality",
  • Submissive peeing.

Behavior Problems Consultations are scheduled individually and are held at your home so I can:

  • understand the dynamics of your family unit,
  • assess what the problem is,
  • give you the ABC of having a respectful, safe, happy and healthy dog inside the house.

Once those basics are understood, I can decide if an additional consultation is necessary if the issue tends to occur outside.


In order to obtain the best results possible, all household members are asked to attend. After a Behavior Problems Consultations with Happy Woof Dog Training you will have the tools to implement the following: 

Aggressive Dog Training
  • Understanding the way your dog communicates,
  • Understanding your dog's instincts,
  • Keeping your dog calm and relaxed,
  • Providing the leadership he needs,
  • How to correct the problem behaviors you are dealing with,
  • The importance of daily exercise,
  • Establishing rules,
  • When to give rewards,
  • Implementing the 3 vital things for your dog's emotional balance,
  • Everyday socialization to maintain balance and trust.

In some cases, and regardless of how much experience a trainer has, some problems just cannot be fixed using one or several training sessions because they imply de-sensitizing your dog from the thing they fear - or the thing they want to kill. Those cases can still be rehabilitated and they have to be dealt with for a prolonged period of time by an expert. For this reason, we may recommend residential training after we meet your dog and understand your expectations for your dog.