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"Dog Training" can mean a lot of things. Here at Happy Woof Dog Training I focus on dogs and situations that are or might become challenging, which is why I only offer Private Training. Private Consultations range from helping you find the right puppy, to modifying an unwanted behavior, making sure your dog respects your newborn baby, or even helping your rescue dog settle in your home. These are the services I deliver the most, but I am always happy to answer your unique needs and help out if you want to teach your dog tricks, learn more about clicker training, go meet a breeder together, etc.


Happy Woof Dog Training grew out of my passion to learn and share about dogs and dog training - the way science has demonstrated works and has no undesirable side effects. In everything I do when interacting with you and your dog, I strive to improve your dog's training and reliability as well as give you the tools to achieve similar results yourself.

Having a Dog and a Child?

As your dog trainer at Happy Woof Dog Training I use reward based and scientifically backed methods in my dog obedience training and canine behavior advice. I explain to dog owners their dog’s behavior with the newest findings in dog behavior research and I tailor all training to achieve effectively the behavior that you want of your dog.


Additionally, I aim to meet the physiological and psychological needs of each dog to achieve a sustainable, easy-to-follow and intuitive arrangement. With this holistic approach I increase the odds that you have a well educated, happy, healthy and safe pet dog that will fit into your life style and is that family member that you wanted to get in a dog.


I offer my services in Vancouver, BC and surrounding cities, usually in your home. All services are customized in order to match your particular needs. In order to make a booking or start a conversation, please click on the Contact-Bookings link.  

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