"Bad" Dog Bootcamp

We all can think of one person whose dog is really annoying, but the owner says he's cute. And all dog owners can think of one little habit their own dog has, that we know is bad, but we don't think it's a problem.

Depending on the dog's personality, bad behaviors can often escalate and become dangerous. A small dog jumping on a child can cause serious damage, and a dog that growls when you approach his bed is highly likely to bite you one day in the wrong circumstances.


Here's how you turn a bully into a respectful, calm family member.


These are 10 quick tips to use at home that will help get rid of bad behaviors and improve your dog's obedience altogether. All of these are based on dog psychology and we can discuss why in a later post if requested.


You will basically tell the bully who's boss without using physical force as physical force

* damages your bond with your dog

* is counter productive in training

* can sometimes trigger aggression.

For ten days, follow these guidelines:


1.Feed the dog after you and everyone in your family has finished eating. Do not tolerate begging (see 8.).


2. Nothing in life is free. If your dog wants attention, make her work for it first, by asking her to sit/lie down/shake first.


3. Do not allow the dog to climb on any piece of furniture.


4. Restrict the dog's access to certain rooms.


5. Do not give the dog any attention unless you've decided it's time to play/walk/cuddle.

6. Have the person that the dog respects the least feed the dog, and establish a feeding ritual where the dog has to wait before he is allowed to walk to the dish.


7. Feed your dog at set times, 1, 2 or 3 times a day. If the dog eats then walks away from the dish and there's food left in the dish, pick it up and throw it out immediately.


8. Use your crate at night for your dog to sleep in and ignore all tantrums the dog might throw. 

9. Put away all toys/bones/towels the dog may think he owns. You can only use them when you decide it's time to play, then you stop and put them away again.


10. On the walk, walk your dog. Not the other way around. Don't walk him offleash for the duration of the bootcamp if he doesn't come when called.

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