Late Socialization - Using a Balanced Dog as a Sponsor

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I just gave Finn back to her Mommy. Finn is a little Yorkie mix who came in last Monday for a 5-days boot camp. I spent the week helping her with her undersocialization, getting her to overcome her fears and respond appropriately to things going on around her. It took a bit of confidence building at first, a lot of leadership every day and the sponsorship of Daisy in the end to help Finn become a better adjusted little dog.


Daisy is a balanced and confident Samoyed whom I invited to join us for the last two days of boot camp. Us humans can only do so much when it comes to rehabilitation or training. When dealing with a fearful dog or an undersocialized dog it is greatly beneficial to have the help of an older and confident dog. Daisy helped cheer Finn up, teach Finn to just ignore what's going on in the street, she taught Finn that big dogs are awesome, she got Finn to remain calm and focused on following me just like she does... And Finn would just mimic everything Daisy did! We even spent the morning at Paw Prints Grooming Salon on 4th Avenue to help train Finn through the process. She did great, with the help of Daisy who was remaining calm and relaxed next to the grooming table. The groomer Jenn I have to thank for her patience too... She did a great job making sure Finn was having a good experience.


Finn is still learning, and socialization will be an ongoing process, but she is more comfortable in her own skin and now she knows that things are not going to go wrong when a truck goes by or when someone sneezes near her. Thanks Daisy for your help!



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